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Behind the scenes with Rose Bertram


Did you know that over 65% of women have curly hair? Yet, there’s a lack of styling products to help them look bouncy, juicy and healthy. No one knows this better than our Founder Rose. Rose wanted a product that was made with good ingredients and that reminded her of the beach she loved so much. Since the product Rose wanted didn’t exist, she set out to create it. 


WE THE CURL: What drove you to create a hair care brand?

ROSE: My own experience influenced my decision to start this line. I've always had issues figuring out the perfect routine for my curls for most of my life. My hair is unruly, and while I love it, styling it is always an overwhelming process. I end up trying every product and sometimes combining them to find the perfect balance, and it just shouldn't be that difficult. Overall, brands that claim to be curl-focused weren't working. You have to treat the curls holistically and understand that curls come in many different forms and textures. That's why I created We The Curl. My goal was to create a brand that really focuses on curly hair only--making your daily routine easy and effortless. That's why I say, embrace the curls and set them free!

WE THE CURL: What was your favorite part of the process?

ROSE: Every step of this project has been an adventure. I loved seeing the idea become real. From researching to designing the bottles to ingredient sourcing to the end product-- I have been there step-by-step to ensure that everything aligned with my vision and integrity. But holding and feeling the final product in my hand was the most incredibly gratifying moment of the process. I couldn't wait to share We the Curl with the world.

WE THE CURL: Why/How did you pick the scents that you did? 

ROSE: I love warm beach vibes, and I needed to translate this into the signature scent for We The Curl. I have always been a massive fan of coconut haircare scent, so it was a no brainer for me, so we created a coconut scent. That said, I wanted this coconut scent to be subtle and distinct, so I worked hard with the perfumer to come up with this classy coconut macadamia sent, which is now the signature scent. I hope everyone loves it too.

 WE THE CURL: What inspired the name We The Curl? 

ROSE: The name We The Curl serves as a powerful chant meant to inspire a movement. We are a brand with a real story, made by real people. This name welcomes everyone regardless of color, gender, country, or type of curls. We The Curl is a powerful statement; it says that we are proud and part of an empowered community that knows its worth -way beyond just being curly.

WE THE CURL: How do you want people to feel about your products? 

ROSE: This is the most important of the product creation! I want people to be happy with the efficiency of the products. That's why I created products that actually work for curls... Not just a little, but entirely. I also wanted people to feel transported and happy while they take of their hair. It makes the ritual fun and empowering.

WE THE CURL: What excites you most about your brand? 

ROSE: Ultimately, what excites me the most about the brand is creating a community. One that supports and celebrates one another's differences. I want to push the message of self-care and self-love everywhere and in every way possible. The community is the most inspiring part of this brand, engaging and listening to everyone's stories.


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